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Easy Application Process

As a business owner, your time is best spent running your business, not filling out paperwork and answering endless questions from banks and processors.


Let us handle the process for you!


Our agents have extensive experience building comprehensive, bank-ready application packages for our clients that get them approved quickly and easily every time.

Application Preparation - We complete the merchant account application on your behalf to quickly get you up and running with your merchant account.

Business Summary - We prepare a high-quality business summary providing the bank the exact information they need to quickly determine the best terms and rates for your merchant account.

Bank-ready Package - We collect, organize and manage all of your merchant account paperwork into a comprehensive package that is bank-ready.


Bank Underwriting Liaison - We work directly with the underwriters on your behalf to answer all inquiries, structuring them in the way we know the banks want to see it. 

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